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Our Services

 To provide best service and value we offer a team  of geologic and engineering professionals to provide an integrated solution to the oil and gas industry.  

Geology and Engineering

 Our team has extensive geologic and engineering experience specifically in the Rockies to provide prospect generation, reservoir evaluation, project design, well planning,  economic evaluations.   The services range property evaluations, audits, reservoir development, seismic interpretations to expert geologic and engineering testimony. 

Well Site Consulting

 Our services include engineering and geologic wellsite consulting.  Extensive experience in vertical, horizontal, conventional, unconventional wells and water injection wells.  Drilling new wells or working with existing wells, the engineers provide expertise for drilling,  completions, workovers, production optimization, and facilities as well as AFE preparation, permitting, regulatory compliance and advice.  While drilling, geologic supervision and geo-steering services help keep the well in zone.

Project Management

Managing simple to complex projects start with understanding the goal and planning the process to acheive the completion in a cost effective timely manner.  With the downturn in the industry, we offer services to compliment your resource limted staffs with specfic taskings or entire projects under management guidance.

Data Services

Due to our physical proximity to the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, BLM Casper office and the Casper Log Library gives us the ability to retrieve many documents that are not available online. Having this immediate resource at our fingertips can be an incredible asset when it comes to interpretive mapping.

GIS, ArcGIS and Other Database Services

Leasehold mapping, geologic mapping, and drilling activity are just a few examples of maps that we are able to produce for clientele. In addition to simple mapping, Encompass utilizes ArcGIS to perform complex analysis not generally possible with other geologic software to better identify, assess and illustrate geologic risk.

Industry Presentations

With over 30 years in the oil and gas industry, our experts enjoy providing industry presentations on a variety of geology and engineering topics.

The topics are specialized to the client / audience needs via zoom, in-person or on a field trip.