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Geology and Engineering

Encompass integrates geology and engineering with economics to provide optimium production results with cost-effective planning and execution.


Geological Studies

Basin evaluation

Exploration and prospect generation

Structural assessment and subsurface mapping

Fault and fracture interpretation and modeling

Lithostratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy

Core description and interpretation 


Unconventional resources consulting

Volumetric estimates and uncertainty analysis

Reservoir Potential

Estimation of oil, condensate, gas and natural gas liquid reserves

Undeveloped reserves potential

Development planning assistance and expertise in both undeveloped and underdeveloped fields

Unitization studies

Expert witness testimonies

Data room representation

Technical data preparation, gathering and interpretation

Equity redeterminations


Reserve Assessment

Integrated analyses of geological and engineering data

Well performance analyses

Evaluations to identify reservoir potential and identify sweet spots

Appraisal and development planning

Estimates of oil and gas in place

Estimates of reserves

Well completion design and evaluation

Reservoir Engineering

Subsurface modeling

Complex descriptions


Field development planning

Engineering Analysis

Waterflood technology

Wellhead compression 

Pipeline compression 

Pipeline capacity 

Operating problems

Drilling engineering

Oil shales

Subsurface disposal of liquid waste

Expert witness testimonies

Economic Modeling

Fair market value of petroleum reserves

Future economic assumptions and sensitivity analysis

Field development scenario analysis

Field operating cost projections

Key performance indicators – NPV, IRR, payout period, productivity index

Breakeven analysis

Mergers, acquisitions and divestures

Joint ventures



Petrophysical Studies

Net pay, porosity, permeability, and water saturation estimates

Clastic, carbonate, and unconventional reservoir studies

Missed pay identification

Integrated petrophysical, geological, and engineering studies

Image log processing and evaluation

Wellbore geomechanical analysis

Wellbore stability analysis

Geophysical Studies

Acquisition design

Seismic data interpretation

Seismic reservoir characterization

Seismic attribute analysis

AVO/AVA analysis

Post-stack and pre-stack inversion

Rock physics

Vertical seismic profile analysis

Velocity model building

Production Engineering

Optimize Production Equipment

Compression Sizing